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​The Franc Succès agency


​Our organization is committed to promoting Francophone and Quebec culture throughout the world through various creative and stimulating activities.

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​Our values


​Diversity & Solidarity

​The agency integrates and encourages in its activities, programming and operations a principle of fair treatment of diversity in all its forms: gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities and ages


Innovation & Integration

​To be at the service of companies by offering them a foreign workforce, while providing the best possible social and professional support to new arrivals


​culture & Francophony

​The cultural and artistic field is at the heart of our mission insofar as we promote and raise awareness of the Francophone and Quebec scene on the national and international levels.

​Our services

​A variety of activities 
for all

​We offer you the opportunity to learn about the French culture and its language through various creative and stimulating activities such as entertaining French classes (humor, improvisation) and workshops for Quebecois expressions.

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​Integration Services 
for Newcomers

​With our diverse team and a focused mission of integration and inclusion, we have put in place various programs to ensure your economic, social, and cultural well-being.

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​Immigration services and international recruitment services

​We will help you meet your labor shortage through our extensive network.

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​Our partners are experts, certified coaches and human resources professionals who will help you effectively address your issues.

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our main office

​1012 Mont-Royal Est,
suite 105 Montréal
Qc, Canada

phone number

+1(844)945-5745 (sans frais) 


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​Du Recrutement à L'Intégration : 
Plus de Soucis à Vous Faire!

​Laissez-nous prendre en charge vos besoins les plus urgents : Recrutement international et local, immigration et intégration.
Réduisons la pénurie au Québec et dans tout le Canada !

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